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PCFG is not for everyone, it is for you.

The Art of Being an Alien

PCFG is not for everyone, it is for you. Be inspired to become fearless and savoir-faire. You
can be whoever you want to be.

We dream of bringing together the outcasts, aliens, divergents, dissonants. We build unique
relations within our community by challenging the norms of the fashion industry. We dare you
to join us in appreciating your authenticity, braving the tensions of modern lives out.

PCFG is your story to write. PCFG defies cultural standards and expectations. We take
co-creation with passion and sustainable innovation as our two main principles in pursuit of
revealing the iconic persona that we want to bring out in each and every human being.
Culture is ever-growing yet at a snail’s gallop. PCFG is what is beyond culture. Outsider’s
and Utopian clothes you wear harmonize with your uniqueness, and reflect your class. We
provide you the space to be your own self.